Husmannsplassen Galdane Hiking Trail

Mountain farm close to Borgund stave church

  • Photo: Samuel Taipale

  • Husmannsplassen sett fra 1843-vegen på andre sida av Smedalselvi.

    Husmannsplassen sett fra 1843-vegen på andre sida av Smedalselvi. Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Fjøs og stove fra sør.

    Fjøs og stove fra sør. Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Styva almetre med løa.

    Styva almetre med løa. Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Photo: Samuel Taipale

Essential info

About Husmannsplassen Galdane

The name ‘gald’ is frequently used when an area is steep and narrow. The Old King’s Road from 1790 goes right through Husmannsplassen Galdane. It was a residence from 1660 until it was vacated around 1947. The steep residential area had small farmlands surrounding the houses. In 1865, the livestock consisted of 5 cattle, 14 sheep and 10 goats.
Many of the residents of the Husmannsplassen ended up immigrating to America. When Caption Finne’s son was confirmed in 1880, they say he left the church and went straight to board a ship to America.

In the winters, the snow and slippery conditions made life at Husmannsplassen very dangerous. After the death of a Brit in the winter of 1932, the local priest had to get icepicks and crampons to get up and down from Galdane to Husmannsplassen. It took 6 men with crampons and four ropes to carry down the coffin after his death.

After the restoration in the 1970s and 1980s, Husmannsplassen became a popular tourist destination as it still is today. The municipality of Lærdal is now responsible for the area and has kept it in great condition. It’s the perfect place to catch some sun and enjoy your packed lunch.

All of the existing buildings have information on site about their history.

Getting there:
Husmannsplassen Galdane is located about a 6 km hike from Borgund. You can also reach it quicker by parking between the Borgund and Selta tunnels near “Sjurhaugen” waterfall. See the activity Galdane for the trail map to get there.

In the 1800s, Galdane was a known place for notable artists such as Dahl, Flintoe and Fearnley.


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