Kvamskleiva Hiking Trail

Family friendly hike with spectacular surroundings

  • The lake Vangsmjøsa and the view to west.

    The lake Vangsmjøsa and the view to west. Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

  • The ascend to the most dramatic part part of the roadway.

    The ascend to the most dramatic part part of the roadway. Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

  • At the gentle slopes towards the centre of Vang

    At the gentle slopes towards the centre of Vang Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

  • Kvamskleiva is a nice walk.

    Kvamskleiva is a nice walk. Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

Essential info

About Kvamskleiva

Kvamskleiva is the first section of the hike along Kongevegen from Vang to Lærdal and one of the original roads built in 1808. The trail lifts you up and over Kvamskleiva overlooking Vangsmjøsa, Vang’s beautiful lake.

The original stone walls lining the road were built to help travelers maneuver the trail safely, but this road was known to be quite treacherous for vehicles when it was used for transportation. Now acting as just a hiking path, it is one of the best known and highly regarded hiking trails that one can enjoy in Norway. 

Getting there

When traveling long distances in Norway, it is always best to book online in advance for lowest prices and to reserve a seat. Look for student discounts if you are eligible.

Visit NOR-WAY Bussexpress' timetable for accurate departure times to the bus stop "Hemsingbrue". 

Ryfoss Taxi: +47 46 30 46 30


  • The drive from Oslo is a 3.5 hours journey along E16.
  • The drive from Bergen is a 4.5 hours journey along E16.

Traveling between Vang and Lærdal
There are a lot of bus stops along the hiking route between Vang and Lærdal since E16 runs parallel with Kongevegen. This timetable will help you plan your journey.

Trail description

The trailhead for Kongevegen starts at the bus stop “Hemsingbrue”, at Neset. The trail rapidly rises 150 meters up the steep hill in front of you. After the climb you head into a heavy forest, over some grassy hills, and eventually into the farmland of Vang, providing an amazing view over the village.

This section of Kongevegen ends at Søndral along E16. From Søndral it is another 1.7 kilometers along the road until you reach Bøflaten camping nestled along the lake on the west side of Vang.


  • No toilets along the trail.
  • Free parking for a few cars in both ends of the trail.
  • The nearest grocery store is in Vang, about 1 kilometer from Søndrol. 

Where to stay

The hike over Kvamskleiva is easily combined with a stay at Bøflaten camping. Bøflaten camping offers cabins and nice places to put your tent.


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