Langskavltind på ski Skiing

  • Photo: Ola Helø

  • Photo: Erik Moe

  • Photo: Ola Helø

Essential info

  • Jotunheimen
  • January – December
  • Difficult
  • 10.4 kilometers
  • 1,110 meters
  • 5 – 6 hours

About Langskavltind på ski

The trip offers magical views almost the whole way and a varied and nice descent. Langeskavltind is a great hiking destination or if you want to go on cross-country or touring skis. You walk with Mjølkedalsbreen and Uranosbreen on either side of the ridge. At the very peak simply enjoy the mighty closeness to famous peaks like Uranostind and Sagi. If you want the most views and minimum walking, choose the same route down as you came up. Eidsbugarden has a plethora of tours to choose from. The hotel offers accommodation and guiding: