Uttakleiv Beach Campsite

Camp by the Atlantic Ocean

Essential info

  • Destination: Lofoten
  • Season: January–December

Stamp and Sauna

Enjoy a couple of relaxing hours in Nusfjord's traditional “stamp”, a wooden bath, and sauna after a long day of hiking.

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About Uttakleiv Beach

Uttakleiv is perhaps Norway's most photographed beach, and you will understand why when you get there. Depending on the season you can just sit down at the beach and watch the sunset, the northern lights or the storms and waves coming in from the Atlantic Ocean. And although you probably will not be alone this is a perfect spot for some overnight camping. 

If you choose to stay here consider also hiking up to Mannen or #himm

Getting there

From Leknes drive road E10 towards Å. After 6 km take a right on Offersøyveien. You will see a white sign for Haukland beach. Follow Offersøyveien for 2.4 km and take a left when you get to the next intersection. Following this road for another 5 km will take you to Haukland Beach and to the tunnel taking you out to Uttakleiv. Take a left after the tunnel to get to the parking lot by the beach. 


  • Parking your car costs 20 NOK per day. RVs are 150 NOK per day. 
  • Camping overnight costs 100 NOK per tent
  • You can pay by Vipps(Norwegian app) or by transferring money through your bank account


  • Public restrooms


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Hiking Trail 7.5 km · 3 – 7 hr

Haukland Beach


Swimming Spot

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