Steinflytinden Hiking Trail

  • Bukkehåmaren har mykje spannande å vise fram.

    Bukkehåmaren har mykje spannande å vise fram. Photo: Tor Erik Grønolen

  • Opp fra Leirungsdalen.

    Opp fra Leirungsdalen. Photo: Tor Erik Grønolen

  • Kvassryggen mot Høgdebrotet.

    Kvassryggen mot Høgdebrotet. Photo: Tor Erik Grønolen

  • Øvst mot Høgdebrotet.

    Øvst mot Høgdebrotet. Photo: Tor Erik Grønolen

  • Toppglede.

    Toppglede. Photo: Tor Erik Grønolen

Essential info

  • Destination: Jotunheimen National Park
  • Season: June-November
  • Difficulty: Expert
  • Distance: 20.5 kilometers (loop)
  • Elevation Gain: 1,570 meters
  • Duration: 10-12 hours

About Steinflytinden

The landscape is rough & exciting which makes for a great trip. In one day you’ll get to go over three or may be four 2,000-meter peaks. The first challenge; Bukkehåmaran. A fun ridge with a bit of scrambling. Once up you’ll see a plethora of mountain peaks and a glacier on the bottom towards Eggen on the far side. It goes gently uphill to Kvassryggen. We reach the top and continue along the shelf toward Høgdebrotet. It gets narrower higher up top so you have to go one by one. You’re up in the air now and might get a slight tingle in the stomach, but a few minutes later, we are past the hardest part. Now it is almost flat until the peak of Høgdebrotet. We continue towards Steinflytinden - glacier on both sides. The terrain rises again and soon we will reach the cornice that reaches up to the top. In plus degrees, this is a nice leg by allowing you get a good foothold. The last few meters away to Steinflytinden you’ll have to do some climbing. From here it is possible to go further towards Tjørnholstind that is 2331 meters above sea level is the highest peak in the Gjendealpene ‘Alps’. It is climbing of varying degrees. Difficult sections can be avoided by going down the south side.

The return is down the east ridge of Steinflytindens and over Steinflybreen, which we run and slide down. We still have a few hours ahead of us of hiking but it’s an easier decent.

This is a tour with great views in a low traffic area. Grønolen Fjellgard guides this tour, +47 61352990 /


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