Bogen to Natholmen Paddling

Paddling along Padleled Vestfold

Essential info

About Bogen to Natholmen

A nice tour within one of Vestfold’s nicest and most important culture environments. Suitable as a daytrip.

The adventure is part of Padleled Vestfold and the entry point for the adventure is Bogen.

Getting there

From Oslo, follow E18 east towards Kristiansand for nearly 107 kilometers until you reach exit 39 for Fv 303 towards Stokke. Drive through Stokke and continue on Fv303/Kirkeveien towards Sandefjord for another 5.2 kilometers. Take a left onto Bogenveien and your destination will be about 500 meters ahead.

Trail description

The route from Bogen to Natholmen starts heading south along the shoreline to the north end of Langø island. Continue along the eastern side of Langø. With heavy southeastern winds, it can a more sheltered route along the western side of Langø but the water can be very shallow.

Around Langø, you enter a beautiful natural area with peaceful and untouched surroundings. A number of valuable natural habitats such as marshes, beech forests, and large old trees are found in this area. On the island of Langø, the flora is especially rich.

At the southern tip of Langø you pass Hesteholmen island. Turn southwards towards Store Verksholmen island and paddle on the western side. The tour continues through the strait between Saueholmen island and the mainland and past a marina at Munkhallen. There are landing opportunities on the south side of the marina and at the first peninsula after the harbor.

Further south along the coastline there are more places to go ashore, but only suitable to stretch your legs. When you round the last peninsula and see the bridge and harbor just north of Natholmen, there are several nice beaches to stop for a break. 

It is also nice to take a break on the beach in Furuvika, just north of Natholmen, or continue paddling past Natholmen for 700 meters where there is a nice beach called Sandbukta. On the northeast point of Natholmen, there is the small boat marina and kayak storage. Return back to Bogen along the same route.

Alternate route
On the return trip, you can paddle under the bridge that connects Natholmen and Østerøya to the north and explore Hamburgkilen bay. Paddle through the narrow canal north to Askelundkilen bay but make sure the water is deep enough. On this route, you will have to get out and carry the kayak over a small road.

Further north you can also choose to paddle on the west side (inside) of Langø island, avoiding any boat traffic.


At Bogen you can find:

  • Public restrooms
  • Fresh water
  • Parking
  • Recreational area

Where to stay


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