Sølvsberget fra nord Viewpoint

  • Foto: Else Hagen Lyngstad

  • Foto: Else Hagen Lyngstad

  • Rester etter vulkanen Sølvsberget står som Brandbukampen som markerte høyder i terrenget. Her sett fra Bilden en kald vintermorgen.

    Photo: Kari Møyner

Essential info

  • Destination: Hadeland
  • Season: April–November
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 4 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 350 meters
  • Duration: 1–3 hours

About Sølvsberget fra nord

Experience remains of a volcano in the middle of the lush agricultural area on Hadeland. On top there are clear traces of a stone fortress. This is an excellent family outing with experiences for all ages. Such volcanoes are rare, but there are several in Hadeland. Sølvberget rises as a pronounced peak in the otherwise hilly terrain between Gran and Tingelstad on Hadeland. The distinctive profile is due to the fact that Sølvberget is an old volcano, which consists of a harder rock than the sedimentary rocks around it. From the top you see north to Brandbukampen, which are also remnants of a volcano. Large mounds of soil and stone bound the peak of Sølvberget to the south and west. The sides facing north and east are partly steep and difficult to access. Here we find a large and bulky stone fortress from the Iron Age. Getting there: From Brandbu drive on Fv 240 towards Grymyr. Take to the left on Jorstadlinna. Turn to the right on Breigutua towards Sølvsberget and drive all the way to Helmeidvegen. Park along the road close to the crossing.


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