«1000-meteren» på sykkelsetet Cycling

  • Photo: Ida Strømstad

  • Photo: Ida Strømstad

  • Photo: Ida Strømstad

  • Photo: Ida Strømstad

  • Photo: Ida Strømstad

Essential info

  • Destination: Vang
  • Season: June–November
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 17.4 kilometers (point‑to‑point)
  • Elevation Gain: 220 meters
  • Duration: 2.5–4 hours

About «1000-meteren» på sykkelsetet

The road from Tyin to Øvre Årdal over Heirsnoisi was opened in 1934, and also goes by the name The 1000- meters". The road goes through the mountainside at about 1000 meters altitude. Here and there it is particularly steep on the side of the road, and on one point, the road goes through a tunnel. It can be quite exciting without a headlamp, but the road is smooth and it's fine to cycle towards bright spots in the end of the tunnel. If you don't like it, you can just walk next to your bike. When you get out of the tunnel eventually a magnificent sight of the mountains in Hurrungane reveal themself while you bike. You have got to have a full battery and empty memory card in the camera. At the road's highest point 1020 meters above sea level, you have a good view over the green Årdal lake, Bøttejuvet, Hurrungane and Øvre Årdal. A wonderful place for lunch box.a packed lunch From here you go down. The mountain side is steep and the road winds its way for 40 swings until we meet national road 53 a few kilometers from the center of Øvre Årdal. The challenge of cycling all the way down, is the logistics. It is not for everyone to cycle back the same way. An alternative may be to take RV 53 back up from Øvre Årdal rather than the old road (gravel road). This is admittedly not so family friendly, but an option for adults. Another solution is to ride the old road from Tyin to the highest point on Heirsnosi, to turn around and take the same road back to Tyin. Or you can have two cars; one in Årdal and Tyin.


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