Høyr fuglekvitteret ved Tøso Birdwatching

  • Photo: Thor Østbye

Essential info

  • Destination: Vang
  • Season: April-November

About Høyr fuglekvitteret ved Tøso

The deciduous forest type elm-linden is very rare in the interior of eastern Norway. The nature reserve is facing south and sheltered, and has a good local climate. In addition, the soil is very fertile. This provides particularly good growth conditions for a variety of rare and nutrient demanding plants that grow in the reserve. The decidious forest provides nesting sites for a variety of birds and 57 species have been recorded so far, among which there are woodpeckers, thrushes, singers, tits, and many passerines. In addition there are some deer in the woods. Also martens, hares and squirrels are watching. The area has not been touched, only a few sheep graze here. Constant landslides, sometimes major, both of stone/blocks and ice from the overlying rock are helping shape the upper parts of the reserve where a lot of forest can be brought down by some landslides. This makes the area risky to live in. Moreover, the reserve is in parts very steep with some rough loose scree. In addition, parts of the older forest are dense and steep, making the area difficult to access.


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