Spåtind Hiking

Essential Info

  • Destination Valdres
  • Season January–November
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 5.6 kilometers
  • Elevation 550 meters
  • Duration 4.5–5.5 hours

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About Spåtind

Spåtind is the highest point on the Synnfjell massif and in the Etnedal county.
From Fagernes, follow the road towards N. Etnedal, and continue in the direction of Lillehammer to Feplassen. Parking pockets along the road for 4-5 cars. From here, follow the marked trail, via the highest point 1197 m.a.s.l. to the top.

Alternatively, from Etnedal by Flatøydegard, continue towards Lillehammer to Rust, and turn right towards Bakkebygda and Gamlestølen. From Gamlestølen there is a toll road (NOK 30 in 2010). Drive to Fjellsætri where there’s a parking area. Follow a marked trail which is clear and easy to find.

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Spåtind Map