Smørkøllvegen Hiking

  • Photo: Kjell Arne Berntsen

  • Photo: Morten Helgesen

  • Photo: Morten Helgesen

Essential Info

  • Destination Valdres
  • Season June–November
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 4 kilometers
  • Elevation 230 meters
  • Duration 1.5–2 hours

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About Smørkøllvegen

The trail, which is an old farm road, takes you from Beito (775 m.s.l.) to the mountain farm house, Smørkøll (1080 m.s.l.). In the old days, the road was a part of the main route between Eastern and Western Norway. From Vang, over the Slettefjell mountain, via Beito and across Valdresflya to Gudbrandsdalen. You’ll find an information folder at the start of the route, and information points along the way.

Parking 120 m after the cattle guard, on the right side of the road. (just past the exit to Grønolen Fjellgård).
For a shorter walk, drive another 700 m past the cattle guard, turn right and drive up to Heimstølen. From here it’s only 3.2 km to Smørkøll.

Smørkøllvegen Map