Kyrkjestølen to Borlaug Hiking

Day 3: Hike across the mountain Filefjell from Kyrkjestølen to Borlaug

  • Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

  • Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

  • Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

  • Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

  • Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

Essential info

  • Destination Kongevegen over Filefjell
  • Season June–October
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 36 kilometers
  • Elevation 420 meters
  • Duration 6–6.5 hours

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About Kyrkjestølen to Borlaug

The hike over Filefjell, from Kyrkjestølen to Borlaug, takes you over the highest point of Kongevegen. The high mountain trail, above the treeline, provides incredible views of Jotunheimen and the nearby fjords. 

Getting There


Visit Nor-Way Bussexpress' timetable for accurate departure times to the bus stop "Tyinkrysset". From Tyinkrysset, check the local bus schedules for the 603 bus which will take you to "Kyrkjestølen", the closest bus stop to the trailhead for Filefjell. 


Vang Taxi: +47 46 46 46 04

Christoffer Kvien: +47 46 30 46 30


There are parking lots available at Filefjellstuene, Kyrkjestølen, Maristova and Borlaug.

Trail Description

Kyrkjestølen to Maristova

From Kyrkjestølen, a beautiful grass-lined trail rises gently to Kongevegen's highest point between Vang and Lærdal at 1220 masl. Stiftstøtta is found at the top and a great place to stop for a rest.
Descending from the highest point of the trail you will reach 
Håvardskleivi, known as "The seven disappointments", seven steep slopes right after one another. Luckily you are walking down these slopes. Maristova is located at the end of the trail at 810 masl. 

Onward to Borlaug

From Maristova, cross a paved secondary road, look for and follow signs for Kongevegen. After approximately hundred meters, you will cross Odde brui, a bridge rebuilt according to old drawings from the 19th century. For the next one kilometer, pay close attention to all signs because Kongevegen is crossing the paved road several times on its way down to Honningane. If unsure of where to go, follow the tracked trail on the Outtt app or website. 

From Honningane, follow the secondary paved road along the river for approximately 4 kilometers, before a sign leads you to the right onto a narrow trail through woods and fields down to Borlaug. 


Where to Stay

Maristova has cabins available to rent.
Visit the website for Borlaug youth hostel to check availability and book a room. 

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Kyrkjestølen to Borlaug map