Fleinsendin Hiking Trail

  • Beitedyr i området ved Sleipestølen.

    Beitedyr i området ved Sleipestølen. Photo: Ingrid Asheim Hennum

  • Sleipestølen ved Fleinsendin.

    Sleipestølen ved Fleinsendin. Photo: Ingrid Asheim Hennum

  • Det er aktiv støling i området.

    Det er aktiv støling i området. Photo: Ingrid Asheim Hennum

Essential info

  • Destination: Vang
  • Season: April-November
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 5.7 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 50 meters
  • Duration: 2.5-3.5 hours

About Fleinsendin

This is a pleasant round trip in easy terrain. We choose Sleipestølen in the north end of the lake as the starting point. As you can see this is a very idyllic and nice set of summer farms.

From the east side of the river Sleipa, which runs through the summer farms, walk the marked trail south along the water (sign "Turstig"). The trail follows the water's edge and bends gradually eastward under Fleinsendberget. As you approach the east end of the lake, Sandvike, you get into the lush mountain birch forests with high perennials. On the right side, between the trail and the waterfront, you will, about 600 m before arriving at Sandviken, see two pits in the ground. These are probably coal pits. A little closer to Sandviken just off the trail on the right side, is a clear plot for a large house. This site has a mystery, because "tradition" does not speak of it to have been a place for a summer farm  in ancient times. A coal pit is located 30 m west of the site.

If the weather is warm, the sandy beach in the cove is a superb bathing place. Nice picnic areas can be found along the whole route.

Until the 1780s a river went by here and down the wild Kælvedalen that plunges steeply to the east, but during floods and containment of snow the river found a new bed in the south end. In the old riverbed, 30-50 meters from the waterfront in Sandsike, you will find several deep potholes that the river has shaped throughout millennia. The holes are 5-6 meters deep. If you have time, it is interesting to go down the old river bed, past the small pond and on to the edge of the wild Kælvedalen where the farmer in Skrebergo had barns and hay meadows.

From Sandviken and south the path is not marked but the cottage keepers here have created a distinct path (tractor road) which is easy to find. To the right of you (west), is Skjenaroddan like a peninsula into Fleinsendin. This is a wetland where redshank, yellow wagtail and goosanders live. After Skjenaroddan, you will find a couple of nice sandy beaches, perfect for a picnic and swimming. Further on, follow the path until you are down Slettefjellvegen. It would obviously have been nice to have a car standing there. Because the gravel road on the west side of Fleinsendin back to Sleipestølen can seem long, even if it is ever so beautiful scenery you are walking through.


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