Slettefjellrunden Cycling

  • Photo: Morten Helgesen,

  • Photo: Morten Helgesen,

  • Photo: Morten Helgesen,

Essential Info

  • Destination Valdres
  • Season June–November
  • Difficulty Expert
  • Distance 57.7 kilometers
  • Elevation 2,120 meters
  • Duration 5–8 hours

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About Slettefjellrunden

Follow road 51 to Skammestein and turn right towards Ryfoss. Stay on this road and keep going in the direction of Ryfoss until you see the signs to Høre and Høre Stave Church. You will pass by the church on your left and the route continues towards Dal. Turn right at the intersection and pass through the toll road of Slettefjellvegen. This is the toughest part of the trip and you can prepare yourself for a 6 km climb from 703
meters to 1315 meters! We recommend a short side trip by foot to the Sputrefossen (waterfall), approx. 10 min per way.
Once you reach the top of Slettefjellet, enjoy a spectacular view of Valdres and Jotunheimen. Continue downhill for approx. 5,6 km and turn right towards Lykkja and Beito. From there you will easily find your way back up to Beitostølen by following the signs.

This round trip is 57,8 km.

Slettefjellrunden Map