Tyinhølmin - Slettningsbu Hiking Trail

  • Frå Breikvam mot Tyin.

    Frå Breikvam mot Tyin. Photo: Thor Østbye

Essential info

  • Destination: Vang
  • Season: June–November
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 19 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 580 meters
  • Duration: 5–6 hours

About Tyinhølmin - Slettningsbu

Drive 2.8 km past Tyinholmen along the service road into Koldedalen to 100 m after the first bridge over Koldedøla. Park your car along the road. A sign indicates that you are now entering Utladalen conservation area. Follow the T-marking and signposting towards Slettningsbu. The trail goes through hilly to flat moorland with small marshes and willow, but mostly open mountain heaths with nice views of Tyin (1083 - 1073 masl) and the surrounding landscape. On the west side Breikvamsnøse (1712 masl) and Tyinegge (1481 masl) stretch towards heaven. You pass by on the east side of the Trollsjøen lake (1096 masl), and if you are lucky, you may see loon here. Otherwise, this is a good grouse territory, and some waders nest here as well. The trail goes along the northern side of Fonnkloppegge (1270 masl). Take a detour up to enjoy the view of Tyin. The path now goes down to the creek Breikvamåne, and the rest of the trip goes south along Tyin. About 1 ½ km from Tyinosen, you exit the protected landscape area and will gradually arrive at the west end of Tyin. Further on follow a tractor road just below the dam, to Rv. 53 to Årdal. Take this or the old road on the north side parallel to the main road about 900 meters to the east end of Torolmen, where a marked trail continues further on to Slettningsbu.


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