Vinjebue Eidsbugarden Cultural Heritage

  • Vinjebue med restaurert felægre i framgrunnen

    Vinjebue med restaurert felægre i framgrunnen Photo: Thor Østbye

  • Bygdin er lang å ro. Ser østover fra Galdeberg

    Bygdin er lang å ro. Ser østover fra Galdeberg Photo: Thor Østbye

  • Båttur på Bygdin

    Båttur på Bygdin Photo: Thor Østbye

  • Vinjebue (Galdeberg bak)

    Vinjebue (Galdeberg bak) Photo: Tor Martin Iversen

Essential info

  • Destination: Valdres
  • Season: June-November
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 0.4 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 30 meters
  • Duration: 0.1 hours

About Vinjebue Eidsbugarden

In 1868 Aasmund Olafson Vinje (1818-1870) got permission to build a little hut on the livestock resting spot Eidsbu. In a pledge letter in connection with this, he baptized the place Eidsbugarden. We can say that Vinje was the first tourist here, and that he, through his writing and his friends made the area famous. Important in connection with tourism emergence was the Turistforeningen, which he co-founded in 1868. Skinneggen (Utsikten) was Vinjes favorite place that he took his friends along to. It was the high peaks he could see in the visual circuit from here which aroused excitement. Vinje was the one who started using the name Jotunheimen for the peaks he overlooked. Utsikten is still a popular hiking destination. Vinjebue has changed hands several times. In 1953 Helge Kr. Kvame got the hut moved from the area of Eidsbugarden hotel, and a few hundred meters north to where it stands today. Getting there: From E16, you take off in Tyinkrysset towards Årdal and follow Fv 53 4 km to Tyinvatnet, where you take the east side of the lake on Fv 252 until Eidsbugarden. Park on the right side of the road at Bygdin bank (fee).


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