Vangsmjøsa rundt Cycling

  • Vang med Hugakøllen bakanfor.

    Vang med Hugakøllen bakanfor. Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Vennis.

    Vennis. Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

  • Sputrefossen.

    Sputrefossen. Photo: Thor Østbye

  • Lundebrua, Øye.

    Lundebrua, Øye. Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Kvednhusa på Leine, Vennis.

    Kvednhusa på Leine, Vennis. Photo: Thor Østbye

Essential info

  • Destination: Vang
  • Season: April-November
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 44.3 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 820 meters
  • Duration: 2-5 hours

About Vangsmjøsa rundt

A trip around Vangsmjøsa takes you through farms and past cultural heritage sites that give you insight into a 1,000-year history of a mountain village between east and west. Mountains like Grindadn, Skjøld, Skutshorn and Vennisfjell have their feet in Vangsmjøsa and surround the lake with rigorous, steep sides. However, among them are beautiful and lush valleys with mountain farms and grazing animals. In Øye the stave church is an experience in itself. The road on the north side is beautiful to drive. You have conservation areas, Vennis with mill houses, Sandal with summer farms and the starting point for hikes into Jotunheimen. From Hemsing bridge to Vang center, you can stroll along the beautifully restored first road between Oslo and Bergen, known as "Kongevegen over Filefjell." In Vang center you can study the memorial stone standing by the church door. It was erected when Norway became Christian around the year 1000 and has decorations which can be found in the Books of Durrow in Dublin, Ireland, recorded by monks around the year 700. It shows that people across countries and continents have drawn inspiration from each other for more than 1,000 years. History is intertwined.


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