Helgedalsnosi Hiking Trail

Enjoy panoramic views of the Hurrungane Massif

  • Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Photo: Magnus Snøtun

  • Photo: Øyvind Sandbuløkken

Essential info

About Helgedalsnosi

Upon reaching the top of Helgedalsnosi (1,418 meters above sea level), incredible views of the Hurrungane mountain range await. This set of mountains have many of the wildest peaks in Norway, with 23 peaks over 2,000 meters.

The trail runs through open mountain terrain, starting above the treeline (at 1,250 m.a.s.l), offering far-reaching views the entire way. There are multiple access points from Helgedalsnosi into Jotunheimen National Park, so a tip is to pack a tent if a multiday hike sounds tempting.

The geologist Baltazar Mathias Keilhau (1797-1858), was the first to depict the Hurrungane massif. Many used Keilhau's sketches and watercolors as models for their work. Appearing in the painter Johannes Flintoe's Hurrungene, they are among the oldest Norwegian book illustrations. 

Getting there


Stop at the rest stop by Huldehaugen along Road 55 (Norwegian Scenic Route Sognefjellet), about 5 kilometers north of Turtagrø Hotel. The trailhead is located just across the road from the parking.


In summer, the local route no. 200 (Lom-Sognefjellet-Sogndal) run across Sognefjellet Mountain Plateau. The closest bus stop, Turtagrø Hotel, is 5 kilometers south of the trailhead at Huldehaugen, so a tip is to ask the driver to let you off at Huldehaugen rest stop. Buy your tickets aboard the bus or via the app Opplandstrafikk Billett.

Trail description

Across the road from the rest stop by Huldehaugen, the trail ascends to the top in open mountain terrain. The trail is indicated with red arrows and markers on the rocks. Some of the markers are faded, so make sure to pay attention.

Once you reach the top, enjoy panoramic views in all directions. The dramatic peaks of the Hurrungane mountain range are in the south, while in the east, you’ll see Steindalsnosi (2,025 m.a.s.l.) with Fannaråken (2,068 m.a.s.l.) in the background.

Descend along the same trail. 


  • Free parking at Huldehaugen rest stop.
  • There’s a grocery store available in Fortun Village, about 15 kilometers south of the trailhead along Road 55.
  • Nedre Oscarshaug is a rest stop a little north of Turtagro Hotel, featuring a glass telescope with the names of the surrounding peaks. 

Where to stay

Turtagrø Hotel dates back to the 1880s, but was recently renovated and is the closest accommodation to Helgedalsnosi. They serve breakfast, lunch, and three-course dinners. Campsite rental is also available, which includes access to showers, toilets, and a common area. The Lodge is open between Easter and mid-September.

Another option is Sognefjellethytta Mountain Lodge, located about a 20-minute drive northeast of Helgedalsnosi. Here you can enjoy a three-course dinner and far-reaching mountain views in a newly renovated common room. The Lodge is open between Easter and mid-September. 


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