Roundtrip: Geilo - Birgithovda Hiking

  • Photo: Paul A. Lockhart

  • Photo: Paul A. Lockhart

  • Photo: Åsa Christner

Essential info

  • January – December
  • Difficult
  • 18.9 kilometers
  • 540 meters
  • 5 – 6.5 hours

About Roundtrip: Geilo - Birgithovda

Follow the walkway towards Vestlia and up past the horse stable. The trail is marked, but can be a bit wet at some places. From
Hakkesetstølen, the trail turns westward passed Store Hakkesettjørn pond and Grodalstjørnan pond. Sportfishing is permitted
here for those who have a fishing license! The terrain is kind of hilly with sometimes a lot of rocks through the sparse birch
woods at Grødalen. Then the terrain opens up with a view over many nice ponds. The trail rounds Beinstigtjørn pond before it
continues in nice and dry terrain up towards Birgithovda (1,173 m. elevation). Large cairn at the top and view over all the mountains
and mountain areas for miles around! Birgitstølen is located just under the top. Further on, in the trail crossing before Øvre
Langetjørn pond, the trail turns northward again. Nice trail and easy to walk with the Hallingskarvet mountains right opposite
you. Then go down the steep slope toward Tuftebrua and the Ustedalsfjorden Round.