Tisler Hiking

Visit a small island in the middle of the sea

  • Moloen ved Losholmen, Tisler. Nydelige sandstrender og tilrettelagt rasteplass. Lun naturhavn med svaibøye.

    Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

  • Nydelig sandstrand på vestsiden av moloen ved Losholmen, Tisler. Lun naturhavn.

    Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

  • Svaberg på Tisler - med utsikt mot Torbjørnskjær i vest.

    Photo: Haakon Braathu Haaverstad

  • Enga, Tisler. Kulturmiljiø med strandeng og eldre bebyggelse. Tidligere bebodd, nå hytte.

    Photo: Marit Winther-Janson

Essential info

About Tisler

Tisler is a small island in Ytre Hvaler National Park. Up until 1939 people lived on the island, but now it is just a beautiful island in the midst of the ocean that is well worth a visit. 

The Tisler Island is characterized by bare rock and heath, but in sheltered areas, there is rich and varied fauna. The island has two good harbors; Kilen to the west and Sommerstø to the east. 

Getting there

You can order a boat taxi by Innovasjon Hvaler, phone +47 91 37 98 77. Make sure you order the taxi well in advance. 

Trail description

The Tisler island is not very large so spend your day just walking around the island. On the northeast side of the island, a seawall is built at a smaller inlet called Losholmen. This leads to two beautiful sandy beaches, one on each side of the pier.


Tisler is an important nesting area for seabirds, and parts of the main island and surrounding islands are banned for visitors from 15 April to 15 July.


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