Opplev Utladalen


Hiking 6 - 7 h 19.3 km

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Little can compare to walking in Utladalen on a hot summer day. The narrow valley suddenly opens itself up and you’ll come to a small farm. The plants are lush and the flowers beautiful. You’ll come to Vettisfossen – one of Norway’s largest waterfalls. There are summer farms high above Utla that lay in the fertile valleys. Stølsmaradalen is one of these.

For those who want to experience the diversity in Utladalen, we would recommend the round trip via Avdalen and continue up to the tree line and the trail north to Stølsmaradalen. Here, stay overnight. The day after you go down the path to Brendeteigen to Vetti, where you treat yourself to a detour to Vettisfossen, before going on the gravel road along Utla down to the car park at Hjelle.

In Stølsmaradalen Turistforeninga there is a non-serviced cabin that you could stay in. The cabin has mattresses, wood and gas. You need to bring your own food and sleeping bag.

Dag Nordsveen
Dag Nordsveen
Dag Nordsveen
Dag Nordsveen

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