Grottetur i Dumdalen



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Over many thousands of years acidic water dissolved the marble and was then washed away only leaving a few still standing. This is how the Dumdalen Caves were created. Dumdalen is located west of Lom, and here you will find a number of these phenomena. Most were created during the last ice age about 10,000 years ago. Inside the cave you will experience strange rock formations, silence, and powerful rivers cascading interchangeably. The caves all have different shapes and sizes. Some are so narrow that you’ll have to squeeze in to get through them!

It is a short walking distance to where the adventure starts. The caves begin with lots of light shining in through the cracks and openings in the mountain. Gradually as you continue inwards, the feeling of space is reduced and the only light we have is from the headlamps on our helmets. To stick your head into a cave that is visible in the daylight is one thing, but if you want to explore the cave's secrets, a guided tour is definitely how to go.

Dumdalen is an idyllic valley with very rich flora due to the calcareous ground. Therefore Dumdalen is a great place to visit for nature lovers.

Booking: or / +47 61212799.


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