Munken frå nord


Hiking 10 - 12 h 18.9 km

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Head into the beautiful lush Leirungsdalen with 2000-meter peaks towering down on you from both sides. The valley gets narrower and hillsides are steep hundreds of meters into the air, in particular in the south. There’s one peak that sticks out more than the others and has a glacier on either side - this is the mountain you’re ascending. We have arrived at Munken. It is easy to get intimidated if it’s your first time here. However, you’ll be in good, safe hands for the climb up. Then there is some fun scrambling. As we gain altitude, each peak is nicer than the last. Here between Bygdin and Gjende there will be 30 big peaks. We are going to three of them today with Munken as the first. It is surprisingly flat when we get up, and we do not need a lot of time to the next peak, Mugna. The view is expansive and you’ll be able to see far. But we must continue, and turn eastward and head over to Rasltetind with a short climb before we can gaze over Valdresflye 700m below us. Breathtaking! Take time to take it all in!

A great trip without trails. Guide: Grønolen Fjellgard +47 61352990 /

Tor Erik Grønolen
Tor Erik Grønolen
Tor Erik Grønolen
Tor Erik Grønolen

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