Hiking 4 - 4.5 h 6.3 km

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Great trip for everyone. This trip can be combined with a beneficial walk to the “Hydnefossen” waterfall, or to Storehødn. The waterfall has a vertical drop of 140 m.

Directions: Drive in direction of Gol. After 9 km from the Tourist Office turn right at the signpost for Torsetstølane. Turn left at the next crossing and follow the toll road to Torset- stølane, NOK 40,- (card and cash). Once you are above the tree line turn right and drive to the end of the road. Follow the steep path and stay to the left for Hødnetjedne.

Nils Erik Bjørholt
Nils Erik Bjørholt

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5 - 5.5 h

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