Ishol Øvre, Oppdal Climbing

  • Photo: Hjalmar O. Fjøsne

  • Photo: Hjalmar O. Fjøsne

  • Photo: Hjalmar O. Fjøsne

  • Photo: Hjalmar O. Fjøsne

Essential Info

  • Destination Oppdal
  • Season April–November

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About Ishol Øvre, Oppdal

Ishoel is a climbing park concept first created in Oppdal, and is quite popular. The area is easily accessible and the rocks dry quickly leaving good conditions. The season usually starts during Easter and lasts until the ice appears in October. Most sections are in the river gorge, and have good places to stand & belay.

Except for Øvre-feltet (the upper section) the climbing is on river-polished stone, with good posts and holes. The routes vary from 6-16 metres, and with few exceptions all the routes are bolted.

Øvre was discovered by accident during the spring of 2003. Excited for new climbing routes, the first line was drilled the same day the field was discovered. The routes on Øvrefeltet (upper section) stay even over high quality and are from 10 to 15 metres high. The field is divided into three sections, with around 50 metres between each. The left part definitely holds the highest standard, and is the most used. The Øvrefelt doesn’t have loud noises coming from the river and is child friendly.

Getting there:
From Oppdal Centre you’ll follow Riksvei 70 about 20 km toward Sunndal. Exit left when you see the signs to Vikaseter and Dindalshytta. Follow the road down the valley until you reach the river. Park next to the bridge. The road that goes in and is parallel with the river is private and only for walking. After about 300 metres you’ll reach a small parking spot on the right side. This is private and should not be used. Go straight down toward the river (about 50 metres). You’re now standing at the top of the climbing area. Climb down the ramp between route 3 and 4.

Tip: It is a good idea to bring bug spray!

Ishol Øvre, Oppdal Map