Hensfjellet by ski Skiing

  • Photo: Erlend Eggen

  • Photo: Erlend Eggen

  • Photo: Håkon Berg Sundet

Essential info

  • Destination Valdres
  • Season January–December
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 4.9 kilometers
  • Elevation 630 meters
  • Duration 2–4 hours

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About Hensfjellet by ski

Hensfjellet is a fantastic randonee trip in the western part of Valdres. The tour offers challenges for both experienced skiers and beginners. The tour goes first in the birch belt. Birchwood has been cleared so there are several fine glades when to run down again. Follow ski tracks from the roadside, and keep straight line upward grounded. Follow the track that meanders upwards in the woods.

Hensfjellet is broad and offers many different descents. If you follow the river up to the top and keep close when you are running down again you are under 30-degree slope and will not experience any impending avalanche danger.

Driving Directions:

Follow E16 to Hemsing bridge and turn off in the direction Hensåsen and Hensåsen church. Stay on 293 until you pass Åsvang school. Then, off to the left at the first intersection. Still road number 293. Follow 293 until you come to the farm Austrheim. Find parking along the road and return to the turnoff to Austrheim. The tour starts on the opposite side of the exit.

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Hensfjellet by ski map