Memurubu Accommodation

  • Photo: Magnus Snøtun

  • Photo: Kari Sveen

  • Photo: Kari Sveen

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About Memurubu

In a cove in the middle of the lake Gjende, the river Muru flows into Gjende from Memurudalen. On the delta is Memuru tourist lodge, formerly a mountain summer farm, which currently accommodates about 150 overnight guests.

This was mountain summer farm for farms on Sveine in northeastern part of Lom municipality, about 42 km away as the crow flies. In the earliest times the livestock road went over from Veodalen. Later the path along Gjende from Gjendeosen was built as livestock road for the summer mountain farm at Muru.

Nowadays visitors come to Memurubu by the old livestock road, over Besseggen, over Bukkelægre or with the Gjende boat.

Parking and public transportation are accessible at Gjendeosen.

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