Geologitur i Smådalen Hiking

  • Photo: Thor Østbye

  • Photo: Thor Østbye

  • Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Photo: Dag Nordsveen

Essential Info

  • Destination Vang
  • Season June–November
  • Difficulty Expert
  • Distance 20.1 kilometers
  • Elevation 940 meters
  • Duration 9–11 hours

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About Geologitur i Smådalen

The pictures show the special quaternary form elements along Smådøla. The round trip which is proposed is varied and nice.

The moraine landscape of Smådal was formed during the big melting about 9,000 years ago. The bottom of the valley presents a characteristic dead ice landscape with evenly high terraces and ridges formed by sediments from glacial rivers. Typically, such a landscape comes into existence when the glacier melts so quickly that ice will lose all progress. Below Njukestølen is a large and well-developed esker. Creeks have eroded through the ridges and helps the turns of the river. Esker are deposited mass in rivers under the ice and appears today as ridges that meander through the countryside. Slightly up from the valley bottom is the transverse ridges of moraines, which has a more complex history.

Smådalen nature reserve stretches approximately 13 km down the valley from Belgenøse. In the valley the Smådøl calmly meanders (swings). The steep ends of Grindadn, Rankonøse, Ranastønge are the eastern remnants of the Jotuncover (gabbro) that was pushed from the west when the North American soil plane collided with Norway. The gabro is hard and poor in nutrients. Under it we have phyllite that appears further down in the valley and extends up the slopes. Phyllite allows for rich and lush vegetation. On moraine backs only the most nutrient poor and drought resistent plants grow. Between Rankonøse and Ranastonge is the hanging U Valley Hestebøtten.

Now we will take you on a round trip through this magnificent countryside. It is a good day trip of about 20 km. From Njukestølen trail down in the bottom of the valley and through the moraine landscape. Can you find the esker? You cross Smådøla and go up Trongebytti to Rankonøse. At the top of Gravarskaret on the way down to Hestebøtten there are several reindeer pits. It then carries on steeply down into the U-valley which in its time was shaped by a glacier arm. At the bottom you are back in the phyllite area and lush vegetation. You turn and go out the valley and cross Smådøla at Tverrvadet. On path to Middle Smådalstølene and further back to Njukestølen.

Getting there: From E16 one kilometer east of Vang center, take the tollway to Helin. In the north end of the lake, take the road towards Grindadn and continue to Njukestølen furthest up in Smådalen (about 13 km from E16)

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