Kvednahuse i Leineån

Cultural Heritage

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If you take the trip to Vennis you can catch several great heritage sites. The mill houses in the Leinelva river is perhaps the most beautiful. Leinelva comes from Sandal and plunges over hammers and cliffs until it calms down throughout the unique cultural landscape at the mill houses, "singing" in a magical way while running throught the potholes above the old bridge made of stone. The surfaces here at Leine are made up of soil coming from Sandal through glacial rivers and later with the river. The old bridge is an exemplary piece of masonry from the 1930's. Going out on the bridge, you look straight down into several potholes.

At the picnic area by Leineelva (with a toilet) you should make a stop and enjoy a coffee and treats from your lunch box.

Thor Østbye
Dag Nordsveen
Dag Nordsveen

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